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WordPress website development

We develop cutting-edge WordPress websites that will stand out from the crowd. We design WordPress websites that will fit your business’s corporate image and create a strong and professional online image for your business.

Custom WordPress themes

Webworx designs and develops beautiful WordPress themes based on your design preferences. Stand out from the crowd with custom WordPress theme development!

Why WordPress?

WordPress is robust, scalable and light-weight and very easy to customise. There are also a great deal of premium and free plugins available for WordPress, along with a great development and support community.



Custom WordPress Theme Development

quay4-homeAt Webworx we develop custom WordPress themes to give your website a unique look and feel that will set you business apart from the crowd. We develop funky, cutting-edge themes that are both responsive, and will look great on any mobile device or tablet.

WordPress premium themes

There are also a great deal of premium WordPress themes available on the market, developed by some of the best web developers around the well. Some with WordPress the options are unlimited, go for great custom design or for a premium theme.



WordPress Search Engine Optimization

seo-capetownOur WordPress websites are search engine and SEO friendly and rank better than any other platform out there. WordPress allows for easy website SEO with great addons and plugins to manage every aspect of your website’s optimization.

WordPress is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

WordPress is very Search Engine and SEO friendly and takes care of 80% of the mechanics of SEO for one. It furthermore makes it super easy to manage onsite SEO and there are also some great SEO plugins available to add extra features.



WordPress website hosting

Webworx offers specialised WordPress website hosting and email, ensuring that your website is online and ready to receive all your websites visitors and give them the best user experience. Our WordPress hosting can also be customised to meet your unique needs and tailored to your specific specifications.

WordPress Hosting Packages

Web host silver:
R99 per month

Web host Gold:
R135 per month

  • 5 gigs disk space
  • 1 databases
  • 4 email addresses
  • Free WordPress install
  • 10 gigs disk space
  • 4 databases
  • 10 email addresses
  • Free Worpdress install